Book Description for ‘People in the Walls’

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Are you looking for a great story of the mystery & suspense type, that is not the same old same old?
People in the Walls will grab a hold of you intensely and not let go, Guaranteed!

We have a guy that is made special by a supernatural force, but is caught in the middle of universal contest where the most powerful force in the universe, the power of goodness is being challenged by a fallen angel or the force of darkness.  Unsuspecting but empowered Quinn Wilkins gets to find out some very interesting things.

As he goes through his life this force that would need him to accomplish its dark agenda just continues to haunt and plague young Quinn’s life.  There are twists and turns that will captivate you as you read through this story.

>>>Intense and very Compelling. This is some very strong and moving stuff, the People in the Walls series will Amuse you, Draw you in and keep you wondering!  Has a very strong and climatic ending to this story.

This book is intended for mature audiences!  This is not erotica, and contains barely any cussing at all.  It is just that the story is for mature people.  There is content in the story where sex is involved as well as drugs.

Quinn was born special. It is kind of why he ends up in the middle of all this that goes on around him. So it is time to just start reading it…enjoy.

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