Book 3 & 4 of ‘People in the Walls’ Coming Soon!

People in the Walls Book 3
Book 3 No Wonder

You will be able to pick up book 3 and 4 of People in the Walls on the release date that was set. But I thought I would post the covers of both books here.  ‘Book 3 No Wonder’ is on time if you read book 1 and book 2.  That is because after reading book 1 & 2, which happens to be more like short stories in comparison, the story has developed to a point where you the reader are like:  “Okay… I need more here, I want to know what in the world is going to happen next”, or “Where is this going?”  That said in a good way.  The story has so much to unveil along the way, that is all important to the overall plot, that by the time you read books 1 and 2 you cannot wait to get a hold of book 3.

Now in book 4 ‘It Is Done!’  You will begin to get your curiosity fulfilled as this book, (which happens to be twice as long as the others,) will take you to a twist and development that you may have seen coming in the earlier books as the story is narrated.  All in All the release date has been set.  I will be working on another story from the fictitious world of my imagination in the meantime, and I hope that folks will enjoy and/or at least like the People in the Walls series.

People in the Walls Book 4 It Is Done!
Book 4 It Is Done!

Grab a copy of ‘Book 1 Clueless’ and get your curiosity stirred around.  You should be able to catch it under the “Free Promo” provided that you came to this blog during that period but if not I can really say that you can pretty much order lattes that cost more…  😉


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