Book Three of Legion is out!!

legionbook3Chapter 3 A Dark Visitor at the Park

Heather was now deep in thought as she stares; pondering the fact that she had lost her Mother and Father to a car accident when she was only 8 years old, and life had not been easy for her ever since.  Love became harder and harder to understand, and the world became darker and colder.   ‘I miss you Mom and Dad!’  She thinks to herself while a slight tremble is happening from within her damaged heart.  ‘I miss you both so much!’  She thinks as she smudges a tear off her cheek with a finger.  Suddenly a vision begins to take over her heart felt sentiment.  “Where do you think you are going young lady?”  Her Mother asks as little Heather is trying to catch a bunny that hops away as she gets closer.  The three of them; Mom, Dad, and 8 year old Heather are visiting Yosemite National Park and enjoying a picnic.  Dad and Mom are near the barbecue grill and picnic table laughing and having a good time.  “Look Mom, Bunny!”  Heather answers.  “Let her try and catch it.”  Dad says with a huge smile on his face.  Heather’s Mother looks over at Dad and laughs saying:  “Okay but only for a minute.”  Heather follows the bunny but it watches her, when she gets a little closer it jumps again toward a trail leading into a wooded area.  Mom and Dad are pre-engaged and giving each other a big kiss as Dad is holding the cooking prongs.  “Heather!”  Mom calls and then runs toward the little girl who had followed the Bunny into the woods.  Heather sees the flare of a cigarette lighter flaming up on the end of a cigarette.  Someone approaches saying:  “You better go back to your Mommy little girl”  It’s a ten-year-old strange girl who is standing there with her two friends wielding mean sadistic looks on their faces, poking at Heather with a stick.

“Yeah, this area is for us girls who don’t have their parents always calling them, little bunny lover.”  One of the other girls says.  And then the other one says:  “This is our secret club and we can’t risk having little girls in diapers hanging around trying to tell on us, especially not little red-headed girls!”  And then they start laughing in a way that Heather remembers to this day as she snaps out of the flash-back and sees the serene park around her again.

I posted only a piece of the that chapter on purpose because I can’t give away anything.  So if it got you wondering how the story is to unfold Just pick up a copy for yourself and enjoy!

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