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People in the Walls Book Four Audio Book Now Ready!

People in the Walls Book 4 "It is Done"Thanks to Duane Berg we can now listen to book four ‘It Is Done’ in our ear buds.  The  Series is 100% complete for audio listening as the quality control team has now released the finale for distribution.  I realize that “People in the Walls” is an ‘off-the-wall’ weird little story that intertwines drug use and sex with good and evil.  I thought of this writing when I was just trying to come up with a fiction that could include a dark side of society that stays hidden but is found out later by a character that ultimately takes it down.

Along the way I began to twist the plot up and turned it into what it had become.  Imagine a person that you may have heard about that had a drug problem and the side effects of that drug was causing that person to see things or just not be their-self.  So I thought if our character also messed with drugs but only once in a while, and his drug use was not really causing the side effects but real people were doing it to him, that this idea could open the doors for a nice little twisted story.  Throw in the underworld and a bunch of kinky sex activity and the drug use is right at home.

You know with this same concept I could come up with a completely different plot using some of the elements but  just a totally different story.  That is what I like about writing fiction, I am just so limitless when it comes to story lines.  I wanted Quinn to be on duty for God but by no means be a Saint, but just a very good nature within.  A lot of people can relate to that.  And I wanted Slauter to be on duty for Satan and try to recruit Quinn, not because he just happened to like Quinn but because God told him to get Quinn if you can and lets settle this.

So the story began.  I know it get bogged at spots but at least now you can go through all of it by just listening in your speakers.  Don’t have to stay on any one part, and can always go back.  Available now are all four books in audio format.  If you listen to ‘book one’ you will learn how Quinn winds up in his situation in the first place.  The books ‘2’ and ‘3’ take you the rest of the way to how he gets to where he is when he comes face to face with Slauter, Spyder, Candy, and Lookout.  All of which are some of the evil underworld people that live two very different lives.  It’s an underworld that worships evil and has rituals, but also they all take the drug ‘Meth’ (which is short of course but most know about that word now-a-days).  They take the Meth and then do things to each other all in their own hiding place.

But then they also taunt and try and get Quinn into their weird and diabolical little world.  But most of all they violate Quinn and leave him wondering how or who just did that….Just a weird and twisted story that has a climatic finale.  Take a listen here to some of the last book of the story:

Of course I had to cut off hoping you would go and get the whole story and listen to it all! 🙂

People in the Walls Book 4 ‘It Is Done’ Audio Version.
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So that sums it up after I have been asked what caused me to write a story like this.  I basically just took a weird little idea and went with it.  I like doing that.  Also I am about to roll out the Finale of ‘Legion of the Moonlight’ for anyone who has been following that one.  But for now why not get into that story I am talking about above.  “People in the Walls”  Oh yeah, it is intended for adults but not quite rated “R” or anything like that, its just not a story that was meant for kids.



People in the Walls Book Four Audio Version

P.S.  Guys please review or rate the works after you get it.  A lot of people have been getting a copy but they forget to take a minute and rate it after listening.  It really helps Duane and myself to get ratings for our work…;)

Legion of the Moonlight Finale is in production.

blackbobcat“Legion of the Moonlight” a tale mystery that has one town on edge in California, is being brought to a conclusion. Legion of the Moonlight the Finale is in production finally. After being away from this project for a while so I could work on other irons that I had in the fire, I finally took back to the storyboard to finish Legion.

This could have come sooner I know as I have been hearing from some people about the first 3 short episode books. “T.A. you left me hanging man!” “The book was taking me to a place that I could be wondering about and then it just dropped off…What gives?” And there was more criticism, but mostly healthy criticism as they all seemed to like the book so far.

Well I was going with a common theme where the story comes in pieces at a time or episodes. Each one sells for only 2.99 US dollars but that means when you reach the end of the episode you may be feeling a little let down. But that is not the way it is supposed to be. The short episodes of Legion and People in the Walls are intended to keep you in the story as the episodes are released. Both fiction mysteries will ultimately be available in the full series book or full novel. In fact you can get “People in the Walls full series now.” Keep in mind that the Walls full series is a physical paperback. It may soon show up on Kindle and others so you have that option instead of episodes.

Legion book four the finale is going to take all the episodes to a super climatic ending where everything you have been reading and wondering where it is leading to, will all come to a close. Who will be the hero’s? Hey we will need to have some hero’s to stop the unseen villain. Well I can throw out one clue. In book four a new significant character is introduced and some of the context from the earlier books starts to make more sense. Be on the lookout for book four of Legion of the Moonlight the Finale.