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legionbook4wcatEnter to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card and Free eBook, “Legion of the Moonlight The Finale
Ends: 04/17/2015

Listed above are the giveaways that are currently running and are usually gift card and book type giveaways.  If we do use a product giveaway then it will be a restricted contest as to limit ship destinations.

At this time giveaways are hosted by Rafflecopter.

Please note:  This is Important!  Everyone is encouraged to enter the giveaway.  Your chances to win may be better if all possible points are entered.  There are so many tricksters, soooo many, that I need to mention, if you say you did the requirement for a given entry but did not.  I wont have any choice but to ignore that entry and go on to the next person that did do what was required.  Essentially that means this:  If the entry points are 10 for ‘Join the mailing list’, then when you join the list you are given 10 points.  We find long lists of entries that are not on the  list but claim to have joined.  Once we remove these bogus entries, all the ones that did join have just been refreshed a fair chance to win.  So when you enter this giveaway, we care enough to make sure you are up against a fair game and that there are no bogus entries to compete with! 🙂

Privacy Policy for this Giveaway

One winner will receive a $ Amazon Gift Card and a free copy of A given latest and New .pdf eBook.

The winner will be announced via email within 48 hours of the giveaway’s closing date.

If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of receiving their confirmation of winning, a new winner will be chosen. All winners are chosen at random by Rafflecopter.


Have any questions?  Email: for more information.

Thank You For Visiting and Good Luck!

Here is the Giveaway Page Link:

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    1. Hi Laura,
      I apologize for the confusion on which page the contest is on. Please try this page found in the top menu under the Latest Giveaways heading:

      You could copy and paste that url as well. Some sites where I list the giveaways cause me to have to give a different link saying that the giveaway link is already listed. That even though this is a new giveaway, it just happens to be on the same page and always is. Good Luck!

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