$25.00 Amazon Gift Card & Free Book!

“Want a Chance to Win a $25.00 Gift Card from Amazon and a Copy of Legion of the Moonlight Book Four The Finale?”

***Contest has ended 04/17/2015 We have a Winner!***

legionbook4wcatAlong with receiving your $25.00 gift card to use to buy whatever you want on Amazon.  There will be 1 copy of my book sent to you as well.    But also five runner up winners will be chosen to receive a copy of the book.   Legion of the Moonlight is a fiction thriller that is of the paranormal type.  Find out what happens when Demons are on the loose, and only certain people can get to the bottom of it.   What can be done about these unseen entities that cause panic and chaos in a small town of California.  Lots of suspense and thrill to keep you on edge.   This is a new series and since book one has been raffled already, you will receive “book two” free, provided you  can get in on the top 6 winners of the giveaway.    So I wish you the best of luck in advance.   amazongiftcard

The lucky winner will be in for a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card with the free copy of the Book.  So if you can think of anything sold on Amazon.com that costs 25 or less, that you wouldn’t mind having, then there you go.  Or maybe you could use it to help with a purchase. I will be running more giveaways after this one as well, so you will want to come back from time to time.  Now please take a seck and go ahead and choose some options and enter, the more the merrier and Good luck!

(In order to be 100% fair to all entrants, when a winner is randomly picked, it will be confirmed that the winner has all honest and real entries, otherwise a new winner will be sought out that does show they followed contest rules.)

Congratulations Amber Stevens  Has won the last giveaway.

These Five others also won a free Book:
Rachel Flavin, James Doyle, Sandy Klocinski,
John Thuku, and Tracy Robertson

Are you seeing this below and not the signup widget: (a Rafflecopter giveaway)?  If so please try reloading the page! 😉  If that doesn’t do it please contact me from the contact us link.

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Privacy Policy for this Giveaway

One winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a free copy of Legion of the Moonlight Book Two, a .pdf eBook.

The winner will be announced via email within 48 hours of the giveaway’s closing date.

If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of receiving their confirmation of winning, a new winner will be chosen. All winners are chosen at random by Rafflecopter.

“In order to be compliant with state laws, please note that 1): You do not need to purchase a product to be eligible for this giveaway.   2): Or gain any advantage or better odds over other entrants. You have the ongoing option to borrow said book by being an Amazon Prime member.  Where being a prime member costs money, if you go Prime on Amazon you can borrow books Free.  This is the action I am making  you aware of, that you can also take. I am not liable for any action taken outside of those suggestions. ”


Have any questions?  Email:  giveaways@tacrosbarn.com for more information.



40 thoughts on “$25.00 Amazon Gift Card & Free Book!”

    1. Hi Nicole, Not sure either. Facebook changes a lot. I set up a fan page for book release, you may have somehow got linked to that page.
      Anyway Thanks. T.A.

      1. Thanks!
        For the facebook follow I searched on facebook for TA Crosbarn & requested friend. I think because its a request page and not a like it doesnt show in the widget

  1. Thank you for the giveaway. This is very generous of you. I am a new fan of yours! I could get so many books with the amazon gift card!! Thank you for letting me be a part of your drawing/giveaway! Keep writing those awesome books!

  2. I love series, seems like one book just isn’t enough. After getting to know these characters and getting interested in a story you want to read more and more. Hoping to spend many hours enjoying this series!

  3. having paranormal events taking place in my life as we speak ,truthfully this book is going to be rough.,I lost hubby of 20 yrs and 3 weeks before loss brother and a couplle months before that i loss mom ..Noo they were not ready, but whats worse was my health compared to theres as ,,I should of been first .. all i know i say is ”why” not wow and they wont leave ,,, you can’t imagine for one second what i am going thru so ,,,truefully ,book would be slow going but sounds interesting and other .. sorry I live on 800 a month and would be blessed to stock up on pet supplies w/ a blessed win .. and I sure appreciate the chance .. YOUR book did send holy bumps thru me so I think something threw me here today ,…so i will probably read win or no win ,.. god Bless ya \o/

    1. Marylou,

      I am sensitive to what you wrote there in the comment. I can assure you that there is an afterlife, and you will see your loved ones again one day. The book is a story where the paranormal, while is present, a lot is being done by people themselves in secret, as they have been ordered to drive Quinn crazy in hopes that he will come to them for any relief that they can offer. Ahh but too, don’t forget since life has you in a rough situation, that this is fiction, so hopefully you can digest it lightly. T.A.

  4. Wow, this sounds like a really great book! I love reading paranormal books, although sometimes I can’t sleep at night! Thank you!

  5. I don’t believe I have read a paranormal thriller before. However, I do enjoy paranormal as well as thrillers so your book sounds interesting!

    1. Hi Tami, I am not sure why you didn’t receive your free copy of Legion book 2. Maybe it went to the spam folder, but anyway, check your email I just sent you another copy and in case you didn’t get book one I added that as well. Let me know if you got it this time.

  6. Phew, I had to find out if it was my small California town but since it’s in Northern California, I’m safe. Sounds good.

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