Legion of The Moonlight Book Four the Finale!

legionbook4wcatI’m excited to bring you the conclusion to this mystery thriller fiction novel.  It has been quite a ride doing Legion but it is not over quite yet because I am working to get Don Kline the voice talent of the earlier books of the series, (That is Don’s profile pic below) to produce the audio book.  But that is just part of the process, as I still have to get the ball rolling so you can get this book in full series on paperback.  Anyone who has read and enjoyed the first three books of this series will certainly be happy for this release.  That is because the story gets exciting in those episodes but leaves you wondering just how all that can possibly come to an end.

Don_KlineBut it does come to an end and a climatic one at that.  I think I even choked up while proof reading this ending…it is that powerful.  This story is one that keeps you from feeling bored unlike a lot of stories that drag and drag, and then it has to give.  Somewhere down the line as the plot thickens there has to be a conclusion and this one takes you to an ending that is probably going to be perceived as climatic and satisfying.  It’s not like some stories or movies for that matter where the writers just flat out tic you off with where they went with the ending.  No, I am sure you will like this one.  Even if you did not read books 1, 2, or 3 and just picked up this final episode, I promise you will like what is left of this story and still greatly enjoy it.

But I encourage you to get the other books, that way you are understanding where the characters all came from and why there is any dynamic behind each character.  For example when you read about Heather and what she is doing, you will know something about Heather from the other books and will have a certain closeness to her.  There is a new character in book four named Victor and everyone that reads book four will get to know Victor but you wouldn’t understand Sheryl and Ryan, or Karen and Cristi, or Dylan Evans or even Kyle Blake because these characters all developed and emerged right from the start, including Heather and most importantly Snuggly.

This is going to make a great movie some day.  And if you come across any other media that has Legion in the title, just know that I did not get my ideas from there.  I am completely original and have developed Legion of the Moonlight based on the Bible scripture Matthew 8 and a certain cat named Jerry Lee.  You can get the inspiration for the series from reading the dedication in book four where I go ahead and disclose some of the things that inspired me to come up with this story.  Legion of the Moonlight is 100% original and probably was here before an other similar titles, so hey;…they copied off my brain child LOL.  No really though, get a copy of this book and review it for me.  Oh yeah I have a great giveaway coming where you can get in the contest.  I will be accepting overviews of the story and picking the best one and awarding that person with a cash prize, so be on the look-out for that announcement.

Legion of the Moonlight Book Four The Finale:

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Just click or touch that above link and go get the book, it will only set you back a couple bucks…but it is worth it 🙂  enjoy!

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  1. Looks like it would make a good movie…although I find that the movie never lives up to the book. I am a voracious reader.

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