Legion of the Moonlight Paranormal Mystery Series

legionbook2New Series Legion of the Moonlight has a fresh and creative feel to it. Loaded with Characters and has the elements that mystery thriller lovers are after.

A unique paranormal mystery thriller has to do something different from the usual home that is haunted, and the ghosts are scaring everyone so much that they have to bring in a Priest. Well this series is certainly not quite the same as the others. It seems that the town of Twain Harte, which is located east of the Sacramento valley in northern California, is spinning around trying to figure out Who or what is on the loose. It is causing people in this small town type community which is really a township of the city of Sonora, to almost panic and they begin to pressure the authorities to get to the bottom of why people are being attacked.

You come to know the Characters as you read on. You will get to know Sheryl Taylor as well as her former Aunt Heather who is a very “on edge personality” in the town. Also people like Sheryl’s sweetheart, Ryan Hayes, will grow on you as you read. This story has a lot of scenes with Police Officers as well as the office of the Chief of Police, as it becomes Chief Ken Stanton’s job to calm people and find the threat because this is happening right there in his town where he has been keeping the peace for many years. In fact Karen Cook who is now going by the last name Cook because she is married to the Mayor Dan Cook, is the Sister of Heather and you learn that Heather is a rehabilitated ex convict right in the very first chapter of book one.

I cannot talk about the series without mentioning that the biggest role goes to the main and elusive subject, Legion. While Legion loves the Moonlight and does go into much activity under the well lit night of a full moon, it is not the only time that you will hear from it. Paranormal investigators Josh Allen and Gwen Phillips are upcoming Ghost finders series stars, that inspire to get on TV with their work. They wind up in the middle of things as they are in town because they were called in by the State Police who looked them up when investigating why one man went out of his mind so-to-speak. The Police went on a man-hunt to find Dylan Evans and bring in Dylan back to face reality. The dogs also had to be brought in to find Dylan because this man did not just run away from police in a typical way but something beyond his self control was to blame. I suspect that Legion had something to do with it.

So rest assured that when you read Legion of the Moonlight you will be brought in just as if you were watching a mystery thriller of the paranormal type.

Book 3 is still in production and no word when it will be released just yet. You can get very acquainted with this story in both books one and Two which are currently out on the market through Amazon at: http://amzn.to/1cn406T

Another option is to pick up Legion of the Moonlight on Kobo:

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