Legion of the Moonlight Progresses into Book Two!


When Ryan and Sheryl reach the driveway of Dylan’s home they are met by an unmarked officer who has the driveway blocked.  “Hello! Is everything alright?  We are here to see Emily.”  Ryan says to the officer who is now standing at their truck window.

“She is okay I hope!” Sheryl says while leaning over from the passenger side.  But Sheryl knows she is okay, she had just seen her driving from the hospital window and she is sure this all has something to do with Dylan.  “Mrs. Evans is fine ma’am, but I cannot let anyone on their property at this time.”  The officer tells her.  As Ryan was looking further into the yard from the entry way he noticed that there was an ambulance, two unfamiliar cars, and a couple patrol cars from the local Police, most of which cannot be seen from the road.  “It’s Dylan, isn’t it sir, is he like dead or something I mean….?”  Ryan asks while being most perplexed.

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“He is not dead.”  The officer says.  Just then he reaches in closer to the window and quietly says:  “Now, just so I can get you two out of here, your friend is being examined by a Priest.  He will be fine; they think he went nutty from some demon or something.  Anyway, do not tell anyone that I told you this, it is all a little kooky for me but I am just doing what I was told.  Now you will need to move along.”  Ryan and Sheryl look at each other with their jaws dropping just a little and then they pull the truck down the road a little way and park on the side.

In the rear view mirror Ryan can see the local news van with its dish, antenna’s and logo on the side, drive up and is now being blocked by the officer that blocked the two of them.  “Now he is stopping the news van from getting in there as well!”  Ryan exclaims.  Sheryl looks back and sees from the window the news van as well when she hears a light thump on the hood of the truck.  “What the heck!”  She exclaims as she turns back quickly in the direction of the thump, and staring at her is this big set of cat’s eyes coming from the hood of the truck.  The cat’s mouth slightly exposing its sharp fangs has a wicked glare to it as it stares into the eyes of Sheryl.  “Hey!”  Sheryl shouts as she smacks her hand on the dashboard.  “Stupid cat, you startled me!”  Then the cat jumps off the truck and stops for a minute looking back at Sheryl and Ryan sitting in their truck, and then it goes into the brush and beyond toward the home where Dylan is now being examined.  “That was Snugly.”  Sheryl says.  “That cat scared the crap out of me just now!”  “Yeah, it made me jump too; you know, my hand still hurts from that little bastard.  Actually I should say big bastard; that is one a big cat to have for a pet.”  Ryan points out.  And the two of them decide that they just cannot leave while all this is happening, not after what they had just learned and what had happened since the night of their little episode around the fire.

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