Legion of What?…Book One

Artwork Copyright 2014 Artist Jon P Fox
Beast holding its catch. Artwork by: Jon P Fox Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.

It seems impossible that anyone could remove just pieces of someone’s face right on down to the bone in a matter of seconds without some kind of object.  At least that is what investigators think.  The people think it is being done by an animal like someone’s half-crazed escaped chimpanzee.  It has been known that chimps would do this when attacking;  that for some reason they go for the removal of the face.  But who’s got a chimp that escaped?  There is no one in the town that is known to have such a pet and they certainly don’t inhabit the place naturally. Heather Taylor has just been released from Prison and had been declared ‘Time Served’ from her 25 year sentence after serving only 12 years.  She was locked up because she had stabbed her husband almost killing him but then snapped out of it and called for help.  They saved her husband and she went to prison for the crime.  Now all the town’s people convince the Police that Heather is the killer and that they must get her and lock her back up.  But eventually Police findings are as such that Heather is not their attacker.

Book One–>http://amzn.to/1cn406T

So a big mystery remains in the small California town that has people super frightened and no one is caught yet.  This is the works of some evil monster many are proclaiming, so they call in a Bigfoot or Sasquatch expert to see if there could be any relation to such a thing but no squatch evidence is found either. But the pattern that investigators do uncover is that these gruesome mutilating killings are done by an animal, and it is something that tends to happen only during a full moon and under its light!  Paranormal investigatorsLegionofMoonlightCover suspect that it may just be the remnants of a case that had them driving out a Legion of Demons from one man early on in the story. There could be a connection to the fact that Dylan Evans had almost killed his own Mother before Police had to tranquilize him and confine him until they could determine what was causing him to go nuts.  A bazaar story of a mysterious terror in one town located east of the Sacramento Valley in California.  Twain Harte California can not rest until they find Legion of the Moonlight!

Book One–>http://amzn.to/1cn406T

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  1. awesome synopsis! I just got my kindle and I’m excited to download this book and check it out. I love that there seems to be hints of scifi, mystery, and thriller. seems like a very versatile book!

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