People in the Walls (Book 2 The Wonder)…

walls2I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of my launch of Book 1 Clueless. I have climbed the ranks over at Amazon and broke into the top 100 at number 43. Since I haven’t checked back in a day or so, that may have went up now. Although there are always critics hammering away at writers I think my writing style is being well received thus far…Thanks a ton guys. I can assure you that if you liked this story and where it is going you wont be disappointed with the outcome. Also; the next series I write will no doubt intrigue.  If you joined the list or Newsletter, you will find out what the next series is going to be about as I will reveal the plot to the subscribers only.   As of now I tend to use words that we align with faster, instead of words that take a minute, or more intellect, to decipher. It is just that movies are that way, ie, more compatible, and I use that as a reference.

Well, it is time to announce the release of ‘Book 2 the Wonder’. If you read Book 1 Clueless, it could have possibly got you a little steamed at me. That is because it is just getting started into the overall story and then the book ends, saying: “To be continued…” Sorry about that. I just had a certain amount of words I wanted to write in book one and that was that.  I didn’t want the episode to give away too much!  But anyway, it is time to gear up for book two ‘The Wonder’ and get further into this unfolding battle of Good and Evil.

Get it Here For Hardly Anything:

Don’t worry though because after February 21, 2014 you will be able to get the entire series and just read it all at once, but why not grab the episodes as they are released? It will give you more time to read the other great reads you are into.  And hey! If you do not catch the book during the Free promotion it wont break you to purchase I promise. 😉

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