“People in the Walls Book 4 It is Done!” Audio version is finished…

People in the Walls Book 4 "It is Done"[This post has been updated…scroll up for details…]People in the Walls book 4 ‘It is Done’ has been completed finally and is undergoing the final review process for quality purposes. It will be available probably in a around 5 more days or so. Can’t say for sure because I don’t control the quality review process, but it is definitely on the way. So those of you, who have been in this audiobook throughout books one, two and three, get ready for the finale. In book four all the things that have been happening to Quinn are basically going to stop as he finally decides to stop taking the drug and straighten up.

He also comes to terms that he has a special role in the world like it or not and that it has come a time now that he has to do the right thing and go up against the unseen enemies. The ones he loved and also the ones he thought were his friends will all have to deal with the new Quinn as he forms an ex on his chest and becomes the warrior that he was all along but did not know it.

So be ready to get a copy…Below is a sample



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