Privacy Policy

We try our very best to comply to international laws as well as have a genuine care of how your privacy is treated:

In order to provide the very best information to the visitor, it is needed to collect an IP address (Internet Provider), but that is all that is collected  and your IP is not shared in any way it only serves to aid in analytics that will ultimately improve this site.

It is common practice to use the cookie system for the purpose of analytics, it does not harm your computer if you click a link and it should send a cookie.  You can always clear your cookies from the tools section in your browser but any cookie from our website is non-invasive, and only for stats designed to help the quality of the site.

If you click on a link from this site that leads to you paying a vendor for a service or product a commission is sent from that vendor to the site owner for their part in bringing that vendor and yourself together, no markup was added to the price just because a commission was payed, that is something the vendor chooses to pay, there is just the one price regardless where the product, service, or other is purchased.

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