Legion of the Moonlight Book Four the Finale

legionbook4wcatAfter the assaults on the Town and the people that have lived there all their lives, a certain group of individuals that had their own run-ins with Legion, come together and take on the task of ridding the Town of this Legion of demons.  They form a team that must hurry before Legion destroys anyone or anything else.  They need to find a way to destroy the Vortex where the thousands of demons dwell but it is seemingly an impossible task until an Archangel comes into the scene and through one Woman’s vision had given a clue as to where she will have to go to save everyone from what is to come next.  Legion has control of powerful Bobcats that do the work of its evil but also a main dominant force that can level trees and buildings and then just vanish.  Police and officials are perplexed by what to stop and how to stop it.  But there is one team that comes together to try and take down Legion which thrives under the full Moon.

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