Legion of The Moonlight Book One

LegionofMoonlightCoverLegion of The Moonlight  Paranormal Mystery Thriller.

T.A. Crosbarn, Author.

Fresh new series… Brings on the pages that are hard to put down! If you are looking for a story that thrills and moves emotionally, of the mystery & paranormal type, this one has it all? Legion of the Moonlight is a unpredictable inter weaved plot of a normal life turned into an intense horrifying story that could almost be true. Guaranteed! Small Northern California town is shaken up when a paranormal force invades the community. It is an unseen force that can and does kill it’s victims but first it has to find a host. The story is centered around a town where everyone kind of knows each other. When the mysterious deaths start to happen the people are running scared and have find out what or who is doing all the gruesome attacks. It is something paranormal that likes the night but it leaves a physical deadly footprint behind. >>>Intense and could be very believable. This story is like one you always remember, Legion of the Moonlight has some romance, shock value, and lots of mystery to keep you wondering! This book is intended for mature audiences! Legion begins by getting to know the town and some of what and why things happen. So grab a copy and just start reading it…enjoy.


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