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Legion of the Moonlight Book One…

LegionofMoonlightCoverSee what all the panic is about in a small California town.  We have quite possibly a maniac killer roaming around Twain Harte, and the Police investigators are stumped.  They do however have a few suspects in mind but not enough evidence to make an arrest.  All the towns people think they know who it is doing the crazy deeds that have folks looking over their shoulders and living frightened.  I am putting together  the first book of my new series and I wanted to get word out about it.  This is a paranormal mystery and it is totally fiction.     It is just a brain child and read for you to enjoy.  I expect to release Book One on Saturday, March 8, 2014.  So be on the lookout for that.  Pretty sure I may just do a press release with this one in hopes to top the release of my last mystery series.

Get it Here–> http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IVR66NE

I have decided to add a sniblet of some of this book check it out:

The animal control wanted to put Snugly away and not let him out because he did that bad thing.”  “But Jenifer was being really mean to Snugly remember, Snugly would never hurt anyone, I love Snugly.”  Christi says.  Then all gets quiet for a moment when Christi who is still sitting patiently next to her Mother waiting for word that Heather can now walk out, adds:  “Mommy, did Aunt Heather hurt someone who was being mean to her and that is why they took her away?”

“No silly, your Aunt Heather did not hurt someone who was being mean to her she just did a bad thing and now she is all better and will not ever do it again so stop worrying about it and get ready for some lunch.  I am going to take you and Aunt Heather to lunch and ice cream, would you like that?”  Christi answers with a big yes and calls over to her Aunt Heather across the room and beyond the processing counters:  “We are going to get ice cream Aunt Heather!  Do you like ice cream?”  Karen gently shushes her young daughter, but Heather hollers back:  “Yes I can’t wait” With tears of joy still rolling down her cheeks.

Karen reaches and grabs a napkin from the dispenser to wipe the side of her cheek when a call comes in on her cell phone that was no longer silenced like it was back at the prison compound.  The three of them, Karen, Christi and Heather are now sitting in a booth at a Dairy Queen and enjoying the moment.  Karen’s husband Dan Cook is on the phone, he is the Mayor of Twain Hart California, a town that he and Karen have been living in for most all of their lives.  Now married and raising Christi, the couple agreed to handle the release of Heather and help her get back into society and get on with living a normal life.  The incident had died away since the night that Heather made the news for stabbing her husband Tom Taylor, and although it was big local news in this quiet little California town at the time, it had all but passed in the people’s minds.  But there was one young reporter that kept track of Heather and had been waiting for her to be released.

“Hi Dan, What is it honey?”  Karen asks when answering her phone.  Dan asks if it went alright picking up Heather and what they were up to at the moment.  Karen tells him it went fine, that they just had to wait almost an hour before they would let Heather out completely and that they are now having lunch at the Dairy Queen.  Then Dan tells her it is a normal procedure when processing an inmate for release.  Then as Karen is looking at Christi and Heather laughing and enjoying their ice cream, Dan tells her that there may be a camera crew lurking around form local News Seven.

Karen looks out the window at that moment and sees the news van and camera getting out of the van and poising outside when Dan goes on to say:  “There is not much I can do to stop them honey but I will call Ken and see if I can get them to back off as much as possible.  Ken Stanton is Chief of Police there in Twain Hart and close friends of Dan Cook the Town’s Mayor.  “Well honey, you had better call him quick because they are here already!”  Karen exclaims. “What a slim ball, he couldn’t wait a day or two and let things settle.  Alright I’m on it, talk later and don’t worry if anyone gets too pushy I’ll have them taken in.”  Dan Says.  “No! No! It’s okay it’s their job, bye honey, wish me luck” Karen says while…

This excerpt taken from Legion of the Moonlight Book One You guys will love this thriller coming very soon so get ready to pick up Book One.

Get it Here–> http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IVR66NE



Now Available! People in the Walls Book 4 ‘It is Done!’

People in the Walls Book 4 It Is Done!
Book 4 It Is Done!

“Put out the message that this weekend, all members are to meet here starting Friday night just as Cat will be going to work.  We will be doing a session and worship to he the one we stand by, and pay homage to.  Even though he is not the Creator he is the mighty power of the kingdoms of the earth.

We will continue to entice the Chosen one for as long as it takes, for soon his worship will be with us onto him…”  Then Slauter walks away.  “Wow!”  Candy exclaims.  “Great is he that manifests and provides for us.  I see now that this is why we are all here.  It is not just about what I thought, a big game played under the use of a shameless drug and a Wahoo, but it is a complicated and serious thing.”  “I am glad you see this now Candy.”  Spyder says.  “We all get tired of this.  That is why some never return here and end up committing suicide, found in their homes dead and making the local news.  They could not live with their selves any longer after being a member.  Some go soft and feel for Quinn and the one before him.  Even Cat wanted to stop being a member several times, and wanted to just go away with Quinn and her kids, to live a true and normal life together.  But she knows she would not be left to survive that way no matter where they would go.  The highest power of darkness would be there and he would take her soul for defecting.  Once you are in you may not turn back, and that is another dynamic as to why he wants Quinn.  We must just do our part and work with the demons that tell us what to do.”

People in the Walls Book 4 ‘It is Done!’ Buy Here:
Amazon: —>http://amzn.to/1e6CAfT
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I started to write a note in this blog announcing the release of Book 4 ‘It is Done’, when I thought again and decided why just blog about the release?  Why not just put up an excerpt?  So I put a small excerpt taken from ‘book 4, chapter 7, The Deal and the Non-Saint.  It is only a paragraph or so but you can see that this book takes all that the earlier books were leading up to and drives it to a place where something big happens.  I’ll try not to spoil it here but the Hero does not always win; however, that Hero is always the Hero.  Quinn looses something that is dear to him, but to find out what I mean you just need to buy the book.  It’s on sale now with the links on this page.

I will be releasing a new book soon.  I have in the works another mystery story, but before we jump ahead lets digest the one currently on the plate.  Lets see just how weird this mystery is, how different it is from the typical plot.  Yes there are some elements you get a lot like:  The chosen one, or the Evil one, and the Creator.  But having those elements doesn’t mean the story is typical.  The poor mislead guy makes some lousy choices and stupid choices to have fun but something even stupider that he does not deserve, something very creepy and disgusting that no one should ever have to put up with is happening to him.  A less strong person would take their own life if they found out what was being done to them in secret.

Get Book 4 ‘It Is Done!’ Now!

Amazon: —>http://amzn.to/1e6CAfT
Kobo: —>http://bit.ly/1hzthgx
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