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Set For Release, ‘Book 3 No Wonder!’

People in the Walls Book 3
Book 3 No Wonder

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After living together for around three years now Quinn and Cat seem to be doing fine, they have a nice little family but all that is going to change when Quinn starts to find the portals.  There will be things that happen where he doesn’t quite catch Cat in the act but  sees that it is happening.  He begins to question it all.  Find out in this episode ‘Book 3 No Wonder’ how they recruit new members and one of the places it is done at.  You wont believe how close to the public it happens.

Among his “No Wonder” moments, Quinn gets tempted huge by a beautiful household member.  He amazes everyone by a power he possesses that no one knew about.  Also in this episode you will be there with Quinn as he discovers mark-ups that the secret people use and a strange catalog that shows up in the mail.  Back then there was not much of an internet yet and technology was nowhere near where it is today.  People had to order from physical catalogs and magazines in order to get their hands on things not found in stores.

So our main character just gets lots of awakenings in this book and even these blood thirsty creepy hiding people get their hands on Quinn while he sleeps in order that their be a demonic marking on him.  So get ready for the finale by first getting Books 1 through 3 of ‘People in the Walls’ and then be ready for the release of ‘Book 4 It is Done’! I believe you will love the ending.  Even if someone who read the short episodes and hated it or thought it moved them so so, will not be disappointed as to where it all takes them in ‘Book 4 It Is Done’.

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Free Promotion ‘People in the Walls’

wallsUpdate!  Free Promotion For Book One Has Ended…

Book 1 of People in the Walls is now live on Amazon.  It has been placed on Free promotion for all of Jan 4th, 5th and 6th, of 2014.  It will be Free again on the 9th and 10th of January as well.  Although the price is probably not going to make or break you in any way there is always Free if you catch it during those times.  The first book is going to show you a glimpse into the overall story and also answer some questions you will naturally have early on.

This is my first series and I want obviously as many people to read it as possible.  I am getting started on my next series and the reviews and feedback of ‘People in the Walls’ will give me a good idea of how to shape the next one.  Although it will not be similar to this story because you will find that this one is pretty much a stand alone story.

My weird imagination has put together a story that I am sure you probably wont parallel to other stories you have read in the mystery and occult genre.  I hope you will go ahead and check out ‘Book 1 Clueless’ and let me know how you liked it here or on any of my social pages.  We appreciate you guys!

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