The Release of the Book ‘People in the Walls’…

I can now announce that there is a release date to the finale of my new  series:  “People in the Walls”.  The main book and it’s climatic ending that I have been talking about a lot, will be out on February 21st, 2014.

I have been pumping out the books leading up to this for a good little while, with book 1 clueless being more like a short story which I hope you have picked up by now.  Book 2 is another short story of around 11 to 12 thousand words and/or 7 short chapters.  The main book is really a set of two books but they together finish the series.  Book 3 is another short story type book, but in book 4 you can expect twice the size book as the others leading to the ending .

At first I was thinking about just writing the book all together as one average size fiction novel.  But then I saw the fun of creating a series.   Because there was so much coming to me each time I sit to write that I knew I could just series this one out as segments.  It gives me a chance to get to know people that will grab the short stories and maybe check my blog or even join the list.

So that is the date.  February 21, 2014.  On that date all that was leading up to wanting to find out what ends up happening will be available for everyone.  I hope you will pick up a copy.

Meanwhile start with ‘Book 1 Clueless’


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