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am75gcWhat can you get from Amazon with a $75. USD boost.  In this latest giveaway, you can enter to win a $75 Amazon gift card and I have to let go a copy of the full series that I have been promoting on this blog a lot.  “People in the Walls”.  A story  about how creepy it would be to have strange and paranormal things happen to you and have real people adding to it.

It’s one thing to have paranormal events take place in your life and cause you to take notice and be on edge all the time, but when the Devil has his demons and people worshipers creeping around while you think you are alone…well, that’s another thing.  But that is exactly what young Quinn is going through.  He is to graduate college and go work a career in his field of study, but things disrupt that beautiful flow of normalcy and life.  Quinn is sorta tied to the whipping post but protected to any physical harm.  However, still being whipped by things that just couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

This is a stranger than usual story that has some twists, like:  A Guy named Slauter that can shoot electrical energy rays from his mouth just like in a comic book.  But these energy rays are powered by the one he worships, ie… the Devil or the Evil one that empowers he.  It is known that man can detect energy in spirits that have passed from flesh life and can be affected by this energy, but no spirit can get you like the Evil one, and Slauter has the power.  No worries though Quinn is chosen and a higher power will be watching.

Anyway Get the weird and twisted story of heartbreak, drug use, and control that ends in triumph and enjoy a read of a completely different nature, here:


I already mentioned you can get a free chapter deep into the final book by simply getting on board the mailing list.  Just join in the side bar or newsletter page above.  And why not take a quick seck to enter to win the Amazon gift card for $75. and a full series eBook copy.  If you are on the list already then you can add that entry and put “Already Subscribed”,  that way you get the entry points for it.  And those who are choosing the 10 point option but not doing the requirement, they’re always there, I remove them so it is very fair for those who do the requirement…So no false competition on you!
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