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legion4audiocvrLegion of the Moonlight the Finale Audiobook Production has been completed.  The Finale of this story will definitely excite and take you down a paranormal journey but some of you would certainly rather start from the beginning of the series.  That is understandable but check this out  and give us a comment!

Check out Sample here

I have an audio sample that is published for the purpose of those browsing the or iTunes and a few others, to give a listen when considering buying the audiobook.  It is a short clip taken from somewhere in the middle of the story that gives you an idea of what you can expect from the audiobook.  In this clip a character which has only appeared in book four, begins to work with the other characters that we have come to know from books one through three of the series.  If you are into a paranormal mystery then you would certainly love this audiobook.

But I decided to go even better and add a part of the book that is not published already except from this site.  So you, the visitors of this site are the only ones to hear this clip of audio.  Rather than doing any kind of spoiler I just put together the prologue which can be found at the beginning of book four.  Here, check this out:

Not sure what that is?  It is a clip thrown together of part of the story that describes basically the world that the story is in.  It is almost the end section of the series and gives a glimpse of where this story takes you the listener but without revealing how or when.

Don Kline has been collaborating with Crosbarn Books to bring forth his unique style and talent.  He has been with the production of “Legion of the Moonlight” right from the beginning which obviously starts at Book one.  You can get samples of books one, two, and three here or by going and do that Bing or Google etc… search for Legion by title.

But you wont find that Prologue sample anywhere but right here.

So go ahead and listen to the audios above and please leave a comment here on this page, and tell us what you think.  Join the newsletter if you haven’t already there are new things coming from Crosbarn Books real soon as a new Story is in the making I will reveal some secretes about that new story to those on the list.

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Audio Version of People in the Walls Book 3

walls4blogNow that Duane Berg is working on book four of ‘People in the walls’ audio version.  I figured this would be a great time to give you an audio sample of one of his other great works.  Duane has taken this weird and sort of twisted story and gave it the punch that is needed.  With his engaging style he has taken the characters and pretty much totally gave them the life that the author had intended.  Sometimes that is quite simply; very hard to achieve!  This is because the voice over talent or audiobook producer will have the grueling task to emphasize wording as written from text.  Extremely difficult; if you ever had to read out loud, a creative work to say, a classroom or what not then you would know how difficult this can be.  To properly emphasize and have expression in the right places takes a ton of practice.  You could say that it is a lot like learning to play the guitar or something.  The author had a certain expression in his or her mind when they wrote each and every sentence, and finding a talent that can nail down that expression is not easy, to say the least.

I went ahead and stuck this audio sample here for you to check out.  These samples can be found on this site by clicking on ‘Audiobook Samples‘ in the main menu as well.  So you can go there and listen to the progress Duane has made.  Don Kline, another great talent that has worked on our team, is currently working on the audiobook series ‘Legion of the Moonlight’ and some of those samples are also available.