What is ‘People in the Walls’ suposed to mean?

People in the Walls Book 1 Clueless
Book 1 Clueless

Hi Guys, T. A. Here.  First of all, this is a work of fiction.  It is a story novel.  I am still in my infant stage as a writer so I don’t claim to be as good of a writer as the many great ones out there.  But If I am given the opportunity to have self published books on the market, then guess what;  I want to do that.  I have a degree in art and advertising design as well as other lines of study that require talent.  I also have music to publish and have been involved in music and band for many years.

But then there is writing.  Well if I can direct a cover design for a magazine or a bill-board successfully, then there is bound to be some copy writing talent in there somewhere, and there is, but the question is can I write?  It doesn’t matter to me actually because just writing is what fiction is all about.  I can imagine.  That is the point.  I will learn how to properly put the imagination into words after that fact, so-to-speak.  Besides I scored pretty darn good in class for English and writing.

So what the heck is ‘People in the Walls’?  Well it wouldn’t be right to spell out all the mystery here so I can tell you what it is not.

‘People in the Walls’  is not a story about a people stuck behind a certain wall where they are imprisoned or enslaved.

It is not a story about tiny little people that fell into a hole in a wall, although that would be fun to write about…Don’t steal that idea from me now..Ha Ha Ha.

It is not about anything that you think right off the bat when you read the title.  And “oh yeah”, I broke a rule here.  I was supposed to write a story and then choose a great title for it in order that folks would want to buy the book just from reading the title.  Ooops, I had the title before I wrote the book, wink.  But I hope that will be alright, besides doing things opposite sometimes is a wonderful thing.

I’ll close this post by saying, the synopsis or in this case Introduction, found in the look inside feature on the Amazon Kindle books pages, or the begining of the book, tells what the story is about basically.  One just has to read to get the details.  Now we know that a synopsis is intended to get a publisher to pick one up as a writer, or at least consider picking up the story.  Since I am not doing just that at this time I just wrote an Introduction to the series that will pretty much explain the overall dynamic of the story…

Go check it out here:


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